Who are we:
- Exporter of aquarium fish and terrarium animals with a broad assortment
   since 2002.
- We have at our disposal a warehouse with the highest capacity in Europe,
   where we hold for you products from the top quality European breeds – health
   of the fish is our priority!
- We offer the option to reserve a purchase from selected breeds
- Information of origin guaranteed
- You may certainly communicate with us in English and French

What we offer:
- aquarium fish
- reptiles
- rodents
- plants
- feed

How do we get the products to you:
- Products that you get from us will be carefully packed and thoroughly marked.
   They will be delivered by our own trained drivers, or by specialized logistic
   partners with certification for transport of aquarium and terrarium animals.
- We deliver to customers all over Europe as well as overseas. Wherever you
   are you can rely on a delivery to your “doorstep”.
- We carefully monitor the fish and animals during the entire logistic process.
- Delivery options: Merchandise ordered between Friday 12 PM will be delivered
   on Monday or Tuesday, when ordered on Monday before 10 AM, you will
   receive your order on Thursday or Friday.

- Thanks to long term and close relations with breeders, we are able to offer our
   customers first class quality at competitive prices.
- Regular customers are offered a system of significant discounts.